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    Help & Info about Chess Titans for windows

    • What Is Chess Titans?

      Included with Windows Vista and Windows 7 Home Premium, Chess Titans is a chess game that was first developed by Oberon Games. It includes a three-dimensional graphics engine which means that the board can be rotated to view from any angle. Gameplay is controlled by a mouse or a gamepad controller.
    • Is Chess Titans Free?

      There is no cost to download the program onto your computer. It is safe to do this and you should not enter your credit card details at any website which offers the software for download.
    • Can I Download Windows Titans for Windows 10?

      Because many Windows 7 users had the popular chess program pre-installed along with their operating system, it was a shock to many gamers that the software disappeared when they upgraded to Windows 10. However, Windows 10 users can simply download the program via their preferred web browser with ease and get back to playing.
    • Does Chess Titans Work on Android Devices?

      This program is not compatible with operating systems other than Windows. However, there are plenty of programs which run chess games that are available to Android and other operating systems.
    • How Hard is Chess Titans?

      Chess Titans is considered to be a tough opponent by general chess players when they take on the games artificial intelligence for the first time. Advanced club players may find that the game is not so much of a challenge, however.
    • How Many Levels Does Chess Titans Have?

      In order to tailor a game to a player's level of ability, there are 10 different levels that can be chosen. Beginners are encouraged to play against the computer at level one or two, with intermediate gamers finding things getting tougher from level five and upwards. Only strong players who have a good degree of tactical nous can manage levels eight and above.
    • What is the Elo of Chess Titans?

      Invented by Arpad Elo, Elo ratings are designed to provide a guide as to how strong a player, or an artificial intelligence system, is. However, Chess Titans' Elo rating will be impacted by the CPU speed the computer it is running on as well as any system resources that are being taken up by other tasks. As a guide, level 10 of the software tends to play at an Elo rating of about 2,300.
    • Can You Play Chess Titans Online?

      Chess Titans is not designed for online gameplay against other people over the internet. There are plenty of other chess games on the market that offer this sort of functionality, however, so chess fans have a number of ways to play the game online.
    • Does Chess Titans Offer Two Player Gaming?

      Chess can be played in a two-player mode using the software. In its default set up, the board will spin through 180 degrees so that each player can view the game from their preferred point of view. The scores of two-player games are recorded by the program.
    • How Do I Change the Chess Pieces Colors in Chess Titans?

      Press F7 when the program is running which will allow you to alter a number of settings including the appearance of the chess pieces used.


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